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This package will ensure you look competent in a boxing ring, win lose or draw.
Please do not purchase this package with less than two months before a scheduled bout.

If it is my professional opinion that it is unsafe for you to box, I will refund your money and
advise you to postpone your contest.
Package Details

This package is for anyone feeling anxious after signing up to an unlicensed/ charity boxing

Training for a boxing match of any kind has a legitimate process. Proficient preparation sees
the boxer learn basic skills and training methods, then apply these basics under controlled supervision until confidant, before scheduling a contest

Unfortunately, many people are scheduled into boxing contests by unlicensed promotions before they have even trained.

The training provided by these promotions, usually free of charge, often lacks application also, as these events are mostly run by entrepreneurs, or
martial artists, with no boxing experience.

This leads to people contesting a boxing match on luck, and possessing the nerves of a risky gamble.

I designed this White Collar Package having been approached by many people in this
situation over the years.


My experience as a boxer, and boxing coach, allows me to teach
techniques immediately applicable for each individual's style.


I am also able to
prioritize techniques which will give you the biggest improvement in the shortest time

The Italian Stallion needed 5 weeks to fight Apollo Creed in the movies. This is real life, with
real punches…. 

A consultancy service: I will message you all techniques we practice, and be available
for training advice via WhatsApp

 A Monitored Training Plan

Nutrition Advice

A minimum of three supervised sparring sessions.

Six one to one lessons.

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