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This package will ensure you look competent in a boxing ring, win lose or draw.
Please do not purchase this package with less than two months before a scheduled bout.

If it is my professional opinion that it is unsafe for you to box, I will refund your money and
advise you to postpone your contest.
Package Details

Are you a boxing enthusiast eager to elevate your game to the next level? Do you feel like you're missing certain aspects in your current training regime that are holding you back during competitions? If so, our exclusive course is designed for individuals like you, who are already familiar with boxing and want to take a deeper dive into the techniques of master boxers.

At times, attending classes can only reinforce fundamentals and provide a nugget of information, but to fully master the different aspects of boxing requires setting aside dedicated time to practice and integrate these techniques into your game. That's where our course comes in as a unique opportunity for you to take a deep dive into the specific approaches of these masters under private supervision. You'll learn how to expand your tools and develop your arsenal of weapons.

If you boxed when you were younger, but have since lost your practice, we've got you covered. Our technical course is perfect for reintroducing you to the feeling of being in the ring. It's a great way to reactivate those buried skills and contextualize your knowledge in the history of boxing.

Here's what you can expect from our course:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that covers the specific approaches of master boxers.

  • Private supervision to help you master these techniques.

  • Dedicated time to practice and integrate these techniques into your game.

Please note that this course requires a good understanding of boxing fundamentals. If you already have this knowledge but feel rusty, we can help you polish your skills. However, if you are entirely new to boxing, we recommend taking our boxing fundamentals course or attending some of the classes we regularly teach.

Join us today to take your boxing game to the next level and bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your boxing journey.


  • Is this course suitable for total beginners? No, this course requires a good understanding of boxing fundamentals.

  • Session two will teach you to observe, discuss, and practice, the stance, guard, and weight-distribution of heavyweight great, ‘The Brown Bomber’, Joe Louis. 

The course consists of seven, one to one lessons:

  • Session one is either an introduction to foundational boxing technique or an appraisal, depending on your current experience level.

Each lesson will combine bag-work, pad-work, and film study. By the end of the course, you will be amazed at what you never saw happen in boxing contests.

  • Session three will teach you how ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson evolved boxing technique, why he is Muhammad Ali’s precursor, and how to practice this technique. 

  • Session four will look at some of the techniques leading to Roger Mayweather calling ‘manos de piedra’, Roberto Duran, ‘one of the best in the history of boxing’. This session will also teach another dimension to boxing as the influence of wrestling and close-range hand-fighting will be explored.

  • By session five, you will be ready to tackle the trigonometry of ‘Will o’ the Wisp’, Willie Pep. The former featherweight champion of the world honed his defensive skills to the point he is rumored to be the only boxer ever to win a round without punching. 

  • The final session of the package gives you the option to apply the techniques you have learnt in a safe, controlled, body-contact-only sparring session with a former professional boxer. If you are hesitant about this option, the session will be used as a summary session.

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