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One to one boxing coaching.

What's Your Goal?

Are you looking to box for fitness, gain confidence, spar with others, or even enter into competition? Whatever your goal, we can tailor a boxing programme to meet your needs.

If you're boxing for fitness, hitting mitts in a boxing fitness class is a fun way to make your workouts more challenging. But if you're aspiring to spar, you'll need to learn movement and defense.


Simply hitting complicated boxing pad routines won't translate to success in the ring.

And if you're interested in boxing for weight loss, we'll create a nutrition plan that gives you enough energy to train while still achieving your weight loss goals.

Good personal trainers can change your body.

Great personal trainers can change your mind set.


Dan Sarkozi did more than that.


He changed my life.

Fidel Beauhill.

Older man hitting a heavy bag under supervision of dan sarkozi

What to Expect from a 1-2-1 Session

Each session is tailored to your individual needs but the principals are the same: to stimulate you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The means of achieving these principles vary but all are aimed at bringing you to vitality and fitness through good boxing technique.

Each session begins with a conversation. We will discuss your mood, injury potential, boxing technique and history. Dialogue continues throughout the session and my twenty years of teaching experience is used to consider your verbal and non-verbal feedback.

 It’s important that we make sure we understand the purpose of each exercise and that you are encouraged and pushed to the appropriate level of exertion for your fitness. Ensuring you are aware of why exercises are chosen, appropriately encouraged, and that you are working to an appropriate level is key to creating the change you want to see. 

The first exercises of a session will be skill based. These utilize your cognitive capacity whilst energy levels are high. Examples of skill-based exercises are boxing footwork drills, asana study, and practicing dead-lift form. Skill-based exercises stimulate your mind, exercise your brain, and provide you with a creative and stimulating experience. 

The aim is to create a Flow-State with skill-based exercises, Flow-State is a term for a state of mind where you are at the limits of your capacity. It is where all of our attention is absorbed in a deeply satisfying flow and where we learn and perform at our best.

 As the session progresses, and a relative flow is achieved, you will be encouraged to persist until your body is stimulated to levels indicated by the opening conversation. The benefits of physical exercise are nourishing for everyone. 

Each session concludes with a ‘warm-down’ process for your body and brain. Finally, once you have a clear understanding of what’s been achieved, and what your next steps are, the conversation, and session, is concluded.  

Ready to make a change?

Press the button to answer a few questions that will help me make a recommendation on how I can help you achieve your goals.

Q. What level of fitness do I need to be to work with you?

To work with me you can be any level of fitness. In fact, the lower your level of fitness the more gains we have to achieve, and the quicker the gains come.  Starting at a low fitness level can sometimes be the most rewarding.


 If you have a high fitness level I have found that boxing training supports the areas where we’ll find the most improvement. 

Q. Do i need to have Combat Sport Experience?

I have trained people with 0 experience and many people including world champions with a lot of experience. 

However if you have signed up to an unlicensed contest I will advise you accordingly if you are not ready to compete but we can always train. White collar competitors should look at my training package designed to prepare you for your bout.


Q: What common misconceptions & mistakes do you see

 Common misconceptions are about the environment itself. Boxing environments tend to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable places. 


Since the popularity of MMA there now also seems to be a misconception that Boxing is merely the art of throwing punches. boxing has always been a multidimensional sport. involving various types of punching movement and even grappling. an example of this just think of your two favourite boxers and compare how different their styles are.

Q: What if i am experienced in other martial arts

If you are coming from a background or other martial arts my approach is to teach you the art of Boxing. What you integrate boxing into your MMA game is down to you, your personality and your MMA coach. I have worked with many MMA competitors over the years some of which have been in the UFC and currently teach boxing to The Bristol University Mma team.

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