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Private Coaching @ Bristol Fitness Gym

Private professional coaching, based on your goals.

  • 1 h
  • 70 British pounds
  • Bristol Fitness Gym

Service Description

What to Expect from a 1-2-1 Session Each session is tailored to your individual needs but the principals are the same: to stimulate you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The means of achieving these principles vary but all are aimed at bringing you to vitality and fitness through good boxing technique. Each session begins with a conversation. We will discuss your mood, injury potential, boxing technique and history. Dialogue continues throughout the session and my twenty years of teaching experience is used to consider your verbal and non-verbal feedback. It’s important that we make sure we understand the purpose of each exercise and that you are encouraged and pushed to the appropriate level of exertion for your fitness. Ensuring you are aware of why exercises are chosen, appropriately encouraged, and that you are working to an appropriate level is key to creating the change you want to see. The first exercises of a session will be skill based. These utilize your cognitive capacity whilst energy levels are high. Examples of skill-based exercises are boxing footwork drills, asana study, and practicing dead-lift form. Skill-based exercises stimulate your mind, exercise your brain, and provide you with a creative and stimulating experience. The aim is to create a Flow-State with skill-based exercises, Flow-State is a term for a state of mind where you are at the limits of your capacity. It is where all of our attention is absorbed in a deeply satisfying flow and where we learn and perform at our best. As the session progresses, and a relative flow is achieved, you will be encouraged to persist until your body is stimulated to levels indicated by the opening conversation. The benefits of physical exercise are nourishing for everyone. Each session concludes with a ‘warm-down’ process for your body and brain. Finally, once you have a clear understanding of what’s been achieved, and what your next steps are, the conversation, and session, is concluded.

Contact Details

  • Bristol Fitness Gym ltd, Clouds Hill Road, Bristol, UK

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