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Professional private coaching to take you to the next level.

My story:

As an adult I suffered a stroke due to a hole in my heart I was unaware of. Doctors told me I would never box professionally again. Again I took their opinion on board with that of my own body. Two years after the stroke I returned to the prize ring in victory. 


I hope you don’t have to be as dramatic as me to demonstrate the benefits of an interest in your health and well-being. But it is something you will never regret. I believe we are all capable of so much etc etc….

To hear my full story pop your email in the box and i'll tell you all about it.


Boxing for everyone.

Hi, I'm 

Dan Sarkozi.

A retired professional boxer, certified yoga professor and personal trainer based in Bristol. 

Whether it's time for you to begin your fitness journey, prepare for an upcoming white collar fight or you are a professional boxer I'm here to help you find Fitness & Vitality.

My knowledge from two decades of professional experience, training with the worlds best, becoming a top 30 boxer (and a qualifed yoga professor) Is here to help you access vitality in your life.

A.K.A The purple haze


Andrew Watts

Business owner/

I was quite experienced in combat sports when I started training with Dan. I had a history in MMA, kickboxing and white collar boxing.

Darren and Dan have shown me some real subtleties to boxing and helped take my game to the next level.

Good personal trainers can change your body.


Great personal trainers can change your mind set.


Dan Sarkozi did more than that.


He changed my life.


As one of his long standing clients, I have seen his business grow and flourish. I’ve seen his already considerable experience and knowledge increase.

What has always remained the same is his passion and commitment to each of his clients.


Dan is not only one of the best boxing coaches around, he is also one of the most well rounded personal trainers I have come across

with the ability to help you achieve your goals in any field.


I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone that will listen.




Thanks coach.


Kind regards.

Fidel Beauhill


Ricky Delaney

I began training with Dan around ten years ago when I had a serious back problem. I had been to various specialists and chiropractors and was told I was looking at medication for as long as possible before surgery.

Dan said he may be able to help me and did exactly that. He designed a routine and identified certain imbalances in my body that caused the pain to go away after a few months. I haven't looked back since.

Boxing and training with Dan is now a great hobby of mine and my firm Corsol is proud to sponsor his career as a professional athlete.




Skill work.

The Journey

You may be thinking; is boxing for me, am i going to get injured?

The British Boxing Board of Control’s primary concept is safety,

This is reflected in my coaching style. 

You have an opportunity to experience boxing’s benefits and learn the art of hitting without getting hit

In my non-contact 1-2-1 sessions.

Step by step

  • Train at a level appropriate to your ability

  • Move progressively through challenges, making sure you are comfortable at each stage

  • Overcome your fears and face stress in a controlled way.

Professional training

  • As a retired professional who achieved a top 30 ranking i understand what works. 

  • The youngest qualfied boxing coach under British boxing board .

Get into fighting shape

  • Boxing fitness is second to none. Work on stamina, strength and agility while developing co-ordination.

  • Work your mind and your body. Learn how to think under pressure.

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